Let’s Raise ISHAR – and why we need to

By Deepak Chopra, MD

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Dear Community,

ISHAR is an online digital library. ISHAR stands for Integrative Studies Historical Archive and Repository. This will be the digital Library of Alexandria for the 21st Century. A compendium of the entire mind/body phenomenon. Mind/body health, mind/body research, and mind/body practices from all over the world will be represented in one trusted and credible location for researchers and online users alike online and free of charge for everyone.

ISHAR is a project very dear to me – and something I truly want to invite all of my friends and the entire global mind/body community to help build and raise.

ISHAR belongs to the entire mind/body community. This project emerged this year in the chaos of online issues dealing with many websites publishing misleading information in the mind/body area. Everyone was having similar problems – and from this place of chaos ISHAR began to form in a very organic fashion, and everyone began to pitch in and contribute where they could. Very quickly ISHAR began to take on a life of its own. ISHAR emerged from a small community to begin, but now we open up the building of ISHAR to the entire mind/body community.

This is a very ambitious project, potentially of historical precedence. ISHAR is a community effort. I ask and invite everyone involved in the mind/body area to please, let’s raise ISHAR.   love deepak chopra