Caught a Ghost

“C a u g h t   a   G h o s t” -the expression for when one has become possessed, “feeling the spirit,” as they say.

The band emulates the idea of reaching into the past, grabbing a hold of images and sounds that resonate, and letting them vibrate in your contemporary body, shaking your contemporary bones.

The band recalls hits from Motown and Stax with soulful arrangements and vibrant horns; but their use of samples, synths and drum programming reflect an affection for the great rap production of the 90s as well as dubstep and electronica.

Caught A Ghost hit the ground running in 2011, self-releasing the CAG mixtape and setting the internet abuzz with their home-made music videos. The band has made several strangely wonderful appearances in Los Angeles from venues varying from flagship indie venues like the Satellite (with Gotye), to site-specific, multi-disciplinary Happenings like The SERIES at The Standard and the *COSMIC PROM,* organized by Tessa Mae and Jesse Nolan in collaboration with many other Los Angeles artists.

You can hear the song “Sleeping at Night” on KCRW and Eclectic 24.