Iyadede is a singer songwriter producer from Rwanda.  She made her debut in the US in 2009 shortly upon moving to New York city. She released an independent project entitled Talking to God.  The record is a mix of genres ranging from Soul to Dubstep to Afro inspired rhythm.

Iyadede’s style and music reflects her life and journey.  Born in Kigali, Rwanda, she moved to Belgium during the 1994 genocide and was raised by a single mother. Her older sister was lost during the war. Singing was her passion from a very young age but after the genocide, making music became a necessity.

Iyadede went to school in French and as a teenager in Belgium she wrote and sung to keep her mind away from the situation.  Eventually she started working as a studio vocalist and writing songs for artists.  Soon enough she was hired to tour with world known Zap Mama and this is how she got to the US after performing in Europe and Israel.

She recently performed at the Lincoln center outdoors festival and her show received a great review from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. MTV calls her “IT.”

You can get familiar with her first record Talking to God available on iTunes.

She also has a mixtape on free download on www.iyadede.bandcamp.com