The Cover Girls

Featuring 5 beautiful and exceptionally talented violinists playing a showcase performance from 10 to 45 minutes in length, The CoverGirls Violin Show has created a high-energy choreographed musical revue of classic and current hits ranging from the Beatles to Beyonce. Flirty and fun, these shows feature bold and appealing costumes, and are performed on the CoverGirls’ signature purple electric violins!

CoverGirls violin shows are customizable both in length and content. All shows are either performed live to concert-quality pre-recorded tracks or can be accompanied by a live band. Have the CoverGirls bring high-impact entertainment to your event with one (or more!) of our 10 to 15-minute choreographed, high-energy sets. Or perhaps you need a remarkable 30 to 45-minute musical act to open your conference or after
an awards dinner. An hourly CoverGirls show is also sure to bring trade show guests straight to your company’s doorstep with rock hits from the 60’s to the 80’s. No matter the application, The CoverGirls Violin Show is sure to be the water cooler buzz for weeks to come!

The depth of musical talent demonstrated by the 5 principal performers is formidable. In addition to being classically trained, many of the CoverGirls are gifted vocalists and improvisers in the jazz, rock and hip-hop idioms, bringing an exciting extra element of musicianship to every show.

The CoverGirls Violin Show is sure to become a first and last stop for clients and industry insiders looking for that “wow” moment for any event.