Elisabet Sahtouris

Integral Evolution: Nature’s Key to a Better Human Future Evolution biologist and futurist Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris helps us discover an updated scientific model of nature as a living, self-organizing universe in dynamic balance and an evolutionary process in which hostile competition gives way to mature collaboration in species that survive crises. The globalization of humanity in this context reveals our evolutionary mandate to develop sustainable living economies and polities appropriate to global family. The oncoming Hot Age, exacerbating ongoing ecosystem destruction, peak oil, unprecedented rich/poor divides and ageing populations is intensifying the demand on humanity to mature into cooperation like so many species before us. We simply must take our lead from nature’s own secrets of success in surviving crises. If we learn these lessons from our living Earth, from mature ecosystems and from our own bodies, we can solve all the crises of our own making and ride the climate changes to thrival against the apparent odds.