Gino Yu

Each of us is born acting from a somatically informed innate “natural intelligence.” However, through our engagement with the material world, first through our relationship with our parents, the education system, and society, we develop a “mentally based intelligence” (beliefs), from which we act. Through the process of development, our creativity becomes dulled as we conform to society’s norms and we lose sense of the wonder and joy of being. Our mentally based intelligence becomes dissociated from the natural intelligence of our body (intuition, insight). We act from fear, need, and desire, resulting in today’s unsustainable world of consumerism and conflict.

Babies are born enlightened. Without a mentally constructed worldview, babies act from “no mind” that is entirely somatically informed. Rather than imposing our beliefs and culture upon our children, we should learn from them and guide them to a healthy mind-body relationship by cultivating somatic awareness.
It is their future that we are destroying with our current socio-economic reality.

Through conscious parenting, we may also rediscover our own creativity and living from joy. By preserving the sense of gratitude, reverence, curiosity, and wonder for life and the unknown, we can minimize action arising from fear, need, and desire, which arise from emotional displacement and insecure early attachment and woven into a child’s world-view.

All existing cultures around the world place an emphasis on the development of their youth. Developing techniques for conscious parenting and promoted by today’s interactive media may be the quickest path toward achieving World Peace.