Jim Kwik

Accelerated learning expert Jim Kwik has taught speed-reading, memory improvement, and super brain performance for two decades.
His cutting edge techniques, entertaining presentation style, and impressive mental/memory feats have made him a highly sought out keynote speaker & trainer for leading corporations, organizations and universities worldwide.

Clients include Nike, Zappos, Million Dollar Roundtable, MetLife, Virgin, Marriott Hotels, NYU, Harvard, and Singularity University. He has shared the stage with global leaders, from Richard Branson to the Dalai Lama.

Jim is the creator of the Kwik Reading, Kwik Recall & Kwik Thinking programs used in over eighty countries. He is the founder of www.SuperheroYou.com, and curator of the “SuperheroYou – Change Your Brain, Change The World” Annual Brainpower Conference, attended by influencers in education, entertainment, publishing, transformation and technology.

Jim is on a mission to change the way the world learns, to unleash the individual’s mind powers and raise the collective genius, so together we can solve the grand challenges. www.JimKwik.com