Noel Musicha

Noel Musicha is the founder and cultural architect behind the Chisomo Idea movement. He was born and raised in Malawi, Africa, and moved to the United States on a soccer Scholarship, graduating with a BA in communication in June 2004. Together with pursuing an MA in Organizational Leadership, he has taken up the challenge of giving back to the people of Malawi by working and speaking on behalf of some of the country’s most destitute children and youth. Noel’s recent project is a local community asset-based Grassroots Soccer and Life Economics Academy that he and his friends [Chisomo Idea Leadership Community] have been working for the past several years. Noel, a former professional soccer player in Malawi, cites his childhood goat herding experience as, not only his biggest season of inspiration, but also his greatest teacher in matters of life, sustainable living, and African development.

While living in the United States and pursuing his education, Noel and his wife Melissa have intentionally relocated into one of San Diego’s poorest neighborhoods so they can provide life coaching and mentoring to youth in need.