5 Ways to Embody Empathy

My heart in your handsEmpathy differs from Sympathy mainly in depth. While sympathy is the ability to step into the feelings, interests, or losses of another and feel for them, Empathy is the quality of vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of others.

It is embodying another person’s state of being.

While many of us naturally feel empathy towards people we love, it is sometimes difficult to tap into with someone we dislike or consider a stranger.

Embodying empathy allows us to love more completely. It’s a gradual process we perfect over a lifetime.

In order to develop empathy for someone, we have to actually see them. See them in their glory and their grief. When we step into their shoes, their experiences, and see through their eyes, something softens in us. And in them.

Our 5 picks hone in on the nuanced aspects of empathy and how they can enhance our relationships and lives.

Learning how to become a skilled empath can enhance our social intelligence.

The Empathic Approach (Care2)

Becoming aware of the depth of our empathy can reveal areas to dig a little deeper.

Sending Flowers is Not Enough (Elephant Journal)

 Love is the bottomless well that empathy springs from. Awakening the essence of love within ourselves makes sharing it a natural extension of who we are.

The 4 Key Ingredients of Love (Positively Positive)

Neuroscientists explain how Cognitively-Based Compassion Training was able to improve people’s ability to read others’ emotional facial expressions.

Meditation Could Improve Empathy (Huffington Post)

Accurately reading our partner’s emotions can result in more satisfying and connected relationships.

Empathy: The Secret Sauce to a Happy Marriage (Yahoo Shine)

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