Adapting to the Spiritual Quest

I have recently made some major changes in my life. My old job came to an end so I thought what better time to start. I decided to follow my heart and do what I feel inside. I’ve also made a commitment to try and deal with fear once and for all. On top of all this I’ve made a commitment to grow spiritually and try to better myself as a person (at least to the best of my abilities).

This change has been a jarring one however as things seemed to constantly go against me. As I went full speed ahead with what my heart told me I was here for… I fell as if I jumped off a perfectly good ship into the middle of the ocean. I know what’s right for me, I know what I should do…. but I can’t help but wonder sometimes aloud “what the heck have I gotten myself into?” I sometimes burst out laughing about this, which I don’t know how to interpret, as a stress reaction or as losing it. How do I keep it all together in times like these?