Answers from God

Three years ago my spiritual awakening happened and many doors began to open into the spiritual world. A week ago I had a very difficult decision to make on whether to leave the UK or not. I prayed hard and said to God,” Dear God if you think I should leave the UK please send me an answer.” Being Hindu I asked him to show me the word “Shiva” as we spent the whole day driving around Bristol. In my mind I knew this was a near impossibility. But I believed God would find a way. I stepped out of the car for barely two minutes that day when a lady with a dog passed us and she said to her dog ” Come on Shiva.” I was not convinced so I told God today, if someone at home mentions the word “Shiva” today, it would mean I would have to go. Turns out my uncle mentioned it at the exact moment the thought crossed my mind that I would need to sort this issue out. Later that night someone was asking me a story to which I myself had to utter the word “Shiva”. My question is, is all this too much of a coincidence or is this God speaking to me?