Apocalypse Soon?

Is the planet Nirubu or planet X entering our solar system in 2012? If so, will the pole of the Earth will change?  Why the ancient Maya’s calender ends on which is December 21st 2012? They said there will be cosmic shifting. There are also many oracles and scientist predicted something might happen in 2012. Many doomsday were predicted before like 2000(y2k) but this particular date-Dec21st, 2012 something different, starting from the intelligent Maya’s calender to Chinese A-ching calender means something,  planet Nirubu will cross the Earth after 3600 year. Through my little research, ( I am not sure how true is this) I have found that 3600 years before planet Nirubu crossed the Earth changing the Earth’s pole and ending the civilization of that time. The Maya’s have predicted quite accurately ( again I am not sure how true is this) the date of most of  the past, present and future solar eclipse, although there civilization was long long time ago, where there was no proper astronomical instruments invented. There was a documentary on 2012 on National Geographic Channel as well. But I just hope nothing will happen on 2012.

After reading Dr. Thomas Chalko’s and watching some of your wonderful presentation I have just started doing my Mediation from this year in search of Enlightenment. If 2012 is the Doomsday isn’t it too late for me. The time is very short. Would I able know myself and reach the Enlightenment by that time? Please advise us all ” What’s the best thing to do now if 2012 is the End of our civilization?”  We have searched many journals, videos, articles on this, it all looks confusing and not sure how reliable the information is.
I and my friends will be very grateful and honored if you advise us on these because we believe your answers will be logical, sensible and realistic.
If you someone has asked you similar question and you have answered them, please do send me the link.