Being and Action

I’ve been on a type of spiritual path since I turned about of 20. I say ‘type’ because it’s not particular to any traditional path and unique to who I am. I’m not ‘religious’ as I don’t believe in the structured form of religion. I believe in the divine in all. I do not believe in evil vs. good as these are human constructs. However, I am struggling with the ‘being’ is enough. This is very hard for me to fathom as I believe we all have a ‘divine path’ a need to share our spirit with the world, in the work we do. Why I am struggling with this is someone once gave me some advice that it’s not the ‘doing on earth’ that I should focus on – but the ‘being.’ I do this all the time through meditation but still have this intense need to ‘do.’ I have to move – in order to feel ‘right’ with myself. Then I started to think – maybe I have it wrong? Maybe I need to really just take more than the 30 minutes a day I use for meditation, quit my job and spend my time as a spiritual seeker through meditation all the time…

Anyway, I’m somewhat confused by the ‘be’ requirement of spiritual mastery. Maybe you can shed some enlightenment.

BTW: I’m also contemplating the whole ‘teacher’ idea – meaning do I need a ‘teacher’ at all in the physical sense? Is it possible to continue to read spiritual books on your own without the guidance of a physical person to give you guidance through meditation etc.