Big Goal Setting

I am regular reader of your books , Namaste ,and your fan too. I migrated from India before two years and now in USA.I have some question about goal setting.
My ultimate or final spiritual goal is to do so many things for society, monks, spread spirit for vegetarianism, help mentally emotionally, and financially to poor people of India, remove misconception for our country (India) and spread our culture, religion, god, good points like non violence, ayurveda, yog, pranayam (which you are doing in excellent way and I get inspiration from you too.)
Now to do all thing lot of money is required, but at present I have not sufficient fund to do so but my passion for all the things are intact.
So how can I prepare programme to give suggestion to my subconscious mind?

My questions are:
1) I have to split my goal in separate category like, spiritual, financial, personal, and career?
2) At present I am doing job and my goal needs lot of money for charity, for that I have to give Suggestion to sub conscious mind for the amount need to accomplish
my goal?
3) My spiritual, financial, and personal goals are almost connected with each other.
But I have to make my career still at my age of 44, as I am not satisfied with my career.
4) For selection of career I have to visualize only the end result like I have very good job which satisfy me ,earning of money at the required level, or I have to select the POSITION FOR JOB AND THE NAME OF COMPANY ALSO ?