Dealing with lost money

I had lent a friend a large amount of money ($20,000) she desperately needed.

She did not come thru with paying me back as promised. Long story short, fast forward, after all the proper legal procedures, I ended up with just 10% of total sum.

What  devastates me even more is I thought I was being kind and helpful (we are both Christian faith) but in the end, turned out to be a victim. The damage done is more than monetary as  she managed to take away what so ever trust i have with humans, an issue she is familiar with me  because we’ve been friends for long time and she works as a counsellor for human resources here in town.

I write to you because I would like to know how one deals with financial loss in a spiritual perspective? I choose not to live in this state anymore as it affects my mind and my health, yet I do not know how.  I hope you can help me to finally let it go.