My question is about dharma in terms of finding our purpose in life.
I have for a long time tried to find my dharma and I think I am on the right way, but lately I have started to wonder if this about dharma is just part of an illusion and the play of the universe and corresponds to the level of consciousness we are at? If it is true that we are infinite possibilities, that at our core self we are God. How can we then have a dharma?

If I am everything, how can anything particular be my purpose in life?

Isn’t this purpose just a part of my karma? A constellation of my memories from all incarnations and the story I am telling about my self?

If I am totally free and totally melted together with God, when I truly know and live from the state of consciousness where everything is possible, how can I then have a specific dharma? At that point, isn’t everything just for fun and possible to chose and change?