Finding true self-esteem

In trying to come to some peace with myself, I really need to ask you for some advice. I have been brought up in a moderately religious family but I then married a man who does not believe in God as we knew it. He is a good honest  man who would not harm a fly. I found some merit in his ideas. But I am confused with life as we were indoctrinated with old systems . My dilemma comes in when people who constantly pray at temples can have such prejudices and they can be so respected merely because they pray and are seen as religious people. I do not receive respect as I do not go to temple , I believe I just need to be a good human. I do my service , I have a lovely family but it seems I am still looking for something. Possibly most of all respect from people who practice those prejudices , the very people who believe I am not good enough. It is a funny thing. I want to get out of this thinking please please.I was exposed to a lot of prejudices due to the caste system and that even now bothers me. People in this town still practice those prejudices , how do I deal with the prejudices?

What I would like is a guide for living . As your web page says I need to possibly have a balance in my Mental Physical, spiritual self. How do I draw self value and worth from my own essence?