Free Will

I have enjoyed reading your books, and some similar books, and have felt comforted and reassured that if I only used my free will I could do anything. It has also been a burden of cause, when it seemed like it ‘didn’t work’, or maybe I did something ‘wrong’ or maybe I didn’t listen carefully enough. But then…of cause…i stumble across the book I Am That by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, and the work of Steven Wolensky, and I find out that there is no free will, or subjective intention. And it also seems quite logical that behind this world, behind this mind of mine, there must be something,…a witness, and who is observing the witness then, and when i get ‘out there’ there can be no I, no construction because then it is consciousness, and therefore an illusion. So the ‘master mind of nothingness’, the -0, is the creator of the illusion that I call me, and my world. ?
So in short, do you believe in the free will?