Higher Self and Lower Self

There was an article by V. Rt. Rev. Lewis Bostwick titled “Seniority to Spirit,” that describes my dilemma. However, I have recently come to terms with this part, as I have realized that I am an extremely undeveloped creature, so it is to my benefit to have help to reach higher levels and without the help, I am completely lost on my own. I tried it and I am empty, as there is nothing there. So when I listen, I become full or filled up, as it’s hard to explain.

So in short, I’m not sure what my question is, as I am still confused about it all. I am assuming that you would say consciousness is consciousness and that’s all there is, but why does it seem as tho the higher is not me and the lower is me? I cannot seem to be what the higher tells me that I am, as there seems to be the two. I guess that what you were talking about in the two souls Q&A on jiva and Atman. Can the two ever be ONE in our state of being both a physical and spiritual entity? So, is this just the way it is for us and the way it will always be? Can anyone with a material body have the two as ONE? I don’t think we could survive physically, could we? Or maybe my level is just so low, I cannot conceive of this and it might be possible? Is this what is called enlightenment? But don’t the enlightened still have to deal with this dual soul? I don’t know…. just thought I would ask.