Letting Go of Control

I have tried many things to manifest my desires, and mostly the intentions and desires techniques you write about in “7 spiritual laws of success”. I meditate with TM and do the sidhis since almost 20 years now. I start to wonder what would happen if I stopped having desires? If I just follow the flow and act on the opportunities that shows up, if they feel fun and life supporting. As a performer, I send out head shots and my resume, just as one should do. The hard work. But some work I have been booked without doing that. The best things that has happened to me has turned up in front of me, and all I a had to do was to take a decision to take it or leave it. And that is difficult sometimes… it is very scary sometimes to act upon the opportunities that show up. Sometimes I forget to do it, and maybe that was for a reason, I don’t know. So I start to be interested in just doing my meditation and sidhis and let the universe orchestrate it all. A bit scary, as it may feel I loose all my control. But I start to feel ready to loose control, and just trust the universe. I start to be interested to see what happens if I stop the hard work marketing of my services and see if opportunities still show up. A bit scary… but more and more I feel I want to try that road and see where it takes me. What do you think? Do you think this is something I should try?