Looking for more abundance

First off allow me to thank you for taking the time to help me w/ my inquiry. I have been A Iife minister and spiritual consultant for 17 years now. I have always found connecting to the creative source and manifesting my thoughts to be a fairly simple thing. I undoubtedly owe this to all the teachers and masters I was blessed with since I was a child. My mission has a healthy following and we have been able to help so many people. One of my favorite stories is of an elder of the community who we took from a rat infested shack to a 2 bedroom mid-town apt. in 3 weeks w/out spending a dime. LOL. Its great. My problem is I cannot seem to manifest actual cash for myself. If I feel hunger I will faith myself a meal and without fail I will be blessed w/ a meal. I have never missed a meal in my life and live very humbly. I have traveled the world from Harlem to Hong Kong w/out once spending any of my own money. I guess therein lies the irony of my issue. I get all this done w/out money because I simply never have any. Lately I have wanted to invest and begin certain ventures and find it difficult to manifest the currency. I always get just enough for me to be happy; But I wish to do so much more. Can you help me?