Loving Voices

A couple of years ago (11.07) after an accident I started hearing voices they were pure loving voices. Teaching me about life, death the soul, the universe and its power. I have pages and pages of things written (the voices told me to record) I started journalizing.
I was admitted to a psych ward- which I did need because I was manic! I was diagnosed as having bi-polar. After a few days rest and lots of medication I was sent home, I relapsed after missing one dose of medication (an anti psychotic)- I was sent home the same day. I had never felt as happy as I did when this was happening, it was like a flood gate had opened and all the universal wisdom was at my feet, though I could not control the comings and goings of the spiritualistic messages.

It felt like the medication had worked after a month or so, the voices gradually subsided.
I later (03.08) found out that I was pregnant I had a healthy baby boy. I was overjoyed! I treasure him and thank the universe for granting my wishes and giving me a beautiful baby boy everyday. I feel life is the most precious gift I know.
I could confide in no one, so I slowly rejected my beliefs/spirituality due to fear or being judged. Which I deeply regret now.
I moved from the city to a small coastal town as I felt it would be an ideal place to raise a child. I have always had a strong desire to live with nature, I feel at my most relaxed there. I have a partner I have been with him for nearly five years but it hurts me so when he has no time for my beliefs, (because he can not see it, it doesn’t exist). I want to teach my son to know himself & to be one with nature, I feel that both parents need to be on the same page and I don’t know what to do?? Like any other parent I want my child to succeed in life, I know he is destine for great things.
I have always been a dreamer, I lack confidence in myself. I aspire to be like you, I have heard great things my mother and grandmother highly recommend you and your teachings. Living in Australia I’m not sure what avenues to venture, I want to learn and practice what i preach, i want to lead a fine example for my son. I eventually want to inspire others and educate people about the universe and the infinite opportunities available to them. I feel lost because i do not know where to start. Its hurts to see so many sick and suffering people in the world, it hurts me when people take life for granted and care not for mother earth. I really want to help.
I know i can succeed i just lack discipline, is there anything, any books you can recommend that will teach me the best approach?
Thank you for your time, I hope to hear back from you.