Meditation and Near Death Experience

Sorry, I do not speak English. The text below was written in Portuguese and translated by Google. But I need this much response.

I am a 55 year old Brazilian studying and practicing self-taught meditation for 20 years. I am a great admirer of his work. Have read several of his books, interviews, and also attended various films and videos. I know of no other philosopher who can intertwine so accessible concepts of ancient Eastern wisdom with concepts of quantum physics in a simple, concise, transparent and at the same time profound. For me it is a privilege belonging to his generation. Maybe I could not reach the unitary experience of consciousness in this life was not the contagious brilliance of his ideas and his work

The 6th chapter of his book “How to Know God”, makes the following statement:

“The irony of the near-death experiences is that, in return to tell how they felt raptured by the dazzling light that bathing, do not realize that the light was there the whole time. It is your own Self. ”

Then I had this experience of near-death about 10 years ago, never ‘saw’ the presence of light. I would like to know how to feel again the presence of light – the very self – in meditation. Need a lot of response.