Recognizing Evil

Do you believe in the “law of Recognizing evil” as stated in Andrew Harvey’s new book called The Hope? I wrote to Andrew Harvey about that chapter and thought he was referring more to discernment. He responded to my email and stated that he did not believe that evil was a no thing, which he obviously believes it is something. He spoke of the alchemy of good and evil which does not involve duality, which to my understanding is a subtle but powerful illusion that keeps one away from understanding the purity of consciousness itself, First Cause is a pure eternal reality, beyond cause and effect …I noticed you had endorsed that book, which is why I purchased it and I wanted to ask you your thoughts on that chapter? To refer to “recognizing evil” as a law is something I am not understanding. How would you explain this, as I have a group of individuals in a book study right now who Don’t understand this idea of recognizing evil as a law. Other then this particular chapter his book is filled with thoughtful inspirations and perhaps some good active ideas.