Resisting the New Age

I am from Finland. I probably did not get a single spiritual gene from my ancestors. My heritage is a working-class background, with peasant ancestors who did not speak much or have any intellectual endeavors. Could it be just so, that I am not capable of any enlightening experiences? I have never really been in love even, but that does not mean that I do not know love. I recognise love when I see it. I am not unhappy, not simple person and also not young anymore. As far as I know, I have not been a bad person. I have not hurt anyone on purpose. All this new age stuff is fascinating and it is not difficult for me to have synchronous experiences etc. But there are some thought patters (in new age circles) I cannot get over with: 1. “The world is a school, where souls learn and evolve.”: OK. This sounds really bad for someone who has had the most boring and unhappy time of their life in school. If life is a school I would like to tell God, “please home school me, and teach me personally. Do not send me to any institution.” I mean, if God is a pedagogue, he should be the best one, and the best one would never put little souls through this thing called school. Yack. 2. “Universe gives you guidance all the time.”. OK, what if I do not want universe to mess around with everything I do? So my life is some kind of jigsaw puzzle and universe throws a piece in my face at times? Hey, how about just giving me the whole picture, I am not a baby anymore. If the universe can give hints, it can also communicate in clear language. After initial fascination the hint-giving universe starts to be boring. I am just tuned to hints and do not see the real life around me anymore. This is what I mean, I have no genetic or cultural equipment to handle this, like an Indian person certainly has. So what do you say, how about if I just try to find love, and forget everything else? In my background there is not much love, but seeing love feels normal, universe circling around me does not. 3. “Vibes” -talk. I know that now I am sending “bad vibes”, because I am not writing happy-happy words. But you say happy-happy stuff to kids only. Everybody knows that we do not live in a happy-happy planet. Maybe I just believe in another “vibe”, which is called common sense and clarity. I would like to add that vibe to the world more. I think it needs it badly. I want to thank you for writing so inspirational and beautiful books. You have influenced my thoughts and knowledge.