Responsibility of Sharing

If a person thinks that they have insight into meaning and connectedness of the world – or just essentially how to become happier and more actualised – do they have a duty to share that information? Or should this be something which each individual finds out for themselves, since it cannot really be taught until a person is ready to listen anyway?

I have , I think, a good understanding of “wellness”, in theory and practice, having been interested in this sort of thing all my life, but even beginning to think that I might know more than the next person about finding meaning in life seems terribly arrogant. On the other hand, I feel if I know something, I do also feel I should share it.
And then, there’s also the troubling fact that if you start talking about spirituality and connectedness to many people, you sound slightly crazy, which I think has probably contributed to my habit of denying or playing down my (by now pretty firmly held) beliefs.
How do you handle the responsibility of telling people – this is the way the world works? Or do you have to simply say – this is the way the world works for me?