Ask Deepak: Soul Identity

I want to know if our souls have some identity? Please clarify the following – 1. We are bubbles of universal sea and after we are done with our life purpose we merge back into it. Does it mean that the souls have no identity? 2. If we merge back into the universe then how can we have memories of past lives? Does our souls have some identity?

The sense of individuality in our soul comes from our history and experiences—especially emotional experiences. That individualized soul or jiva carries the impressions, tendencies and evolutionary karmic intelligence for that person after death and into the next life. This continues until the person becomes enlightened, when they realize that their individual self is in truth the universal self. The universality of our soul comes from its unconditioned nature, its pure existence. Our universal self or Atman still can maintain its identity, even if it is no longer associated with a physical body.