Spiritual Hierarchy

I have been studying various spiritual paths for over twenty years and have incorporated ideas, meditations and practices as my higher self has lead me, including some from your teachings. I’ve been trying to reconcile the concepts of a “spiritual hierarchy” and a path of initiation that includes various rules and codes of conduct (like in some of the works of J. Krishnamurti and Baird T. Spalding) with what I’m reading in your book “How to Know God.”  Do you embrace the concept of a spiritual hierarchy that requires initiates to follow specific rules, or do you think that in this new millennium, we are sort of getting past that and going more towards an all-inclusive approach (sans rules, requirements and tests to pass on to higher levels of initiation)?  Is there another book (of yours) that you’d recommend besides “How to Know God” that would help me out with this?  Thank you.