Spiritually lonely

I have changed my life  and every day I am learning and growing spiritually, I have notice that the friends I have do not interest me anymore, even my family seems to be taking second place and this makes me feel so alone I feel like I have no one, my spiritual life comes first before anything else I am so happy to be able to embrace this part of me, and it have taken full control of me, all I can think about is how I can be of service to others, I do my meditations and breathing exercises every day, I feel happy and relax and contended my life is just Blissful, can you tell me why I don’t find my friends interesting anymore and why I feel fearful at times, that maybe I am doing something wrong, I am single as well and I don’t seem to be able to attract a relationship, before my life change this was not a problem, now I am happy and found my self and working to get to know me, I am feel I am standing all alone I am 47 yrs old how should I deal with this.