Swaying during meditation

I have been wanting to ask this for a long time but didn’t want to bother you until had exhausted other sources. Anyhow, for the past year and half have been experiencing something that I haven’t been able to find an explanation for.

When sitting in meditation (i was doing healing bowls then, now chakra cleansing).I began experiencing a side-to-side swaying movement in my upper body–like a pendulum–which I couldn’t control without some effort..that lasted 6 months or so (I thought it was a spirit communicating with me 🙂
Also asked stu wilde about it (did a course with him) and he said side-to-side was a good movement because the body was trying to slip out or something ..which I didn’t understand.

Since then it has been like a spinning + spiralling kind of movement. you know sometimes can feel something like a butter-churning stick in centre of me, which is spinning and around it a spiralling energy–sometimes the spiral stays with the lower 2-3 chakras, sometimes goes up and down. And my upper body moves with it.
and now it’s become so weird that I can feel this spiralling movement if I sit motionless for even a few seconds, like right now in front of laptop! or if standing and chatting at a party or something..what I mean is I think the movement is going on all the time but when I am motionless it becomes obvious..i think.
so what is going on and what am I supposed to do with it?
thanks for any help