Ask Deepak: Wanting More


Hi Deepak, I’m always happy, upbeat, only sleep 4 hours a day and love what I do for money more than the money. I have a fantastic family and an amazing wife. I’m wondering if I want more or should indeed ask for more. No matter what happens I always find a positive angle to rebuild upon. What’s my problem or should I have one? Is it right to be so happy and content all the time?


It’s more than all right to be happy and content, it is your birthright. This is what normal life is designed to be — happy. Your only problem is in thinking that you have a problem. It’s okay to desire more, and it’s fine to be content and grateful with all you have. The two things, desire and contentment, can now coexist. That is the secret of detachment, you have your wishes and hopes, but the outcome whatever it is cannot disturb your happiness.