Words in meditation

I have been meditating regularly. This is a relatively new routine for me; within the last year. I often begin my routine meditation by listening to the Soul of healing meditations and continue with silent meditation afterward. I try follow this protocol once each day.

I have been able to reach the silent space and sit with no thoughts. I do find, however, that at that silent time a word or theme will present to me. This does not always happen, but does frequently enough for notation. Interestingly, the word of phrase will repeat in subsequent meditation sittings until I give it attention in my waking state. i.e. Look up its meaning etc.
I am Canadian and not of Indian descent, however the words given to me are often not specifically familiar to me, when I receive them.
I thought I would share some of these words in the order they were received. It is often  one word per sitting. It may also involve pictures or other more personal themes:

– Prana
– Gita
– Veda
– Sita
Just curious as to your thoughts on such happenings?
I have so many questions on this journey and often find it can be a lonely path to find others to share what is occurring through the changes and events with deep meditation.