How does one deal with betrayal?
And on top of that, a system of “justice” that invariably rules in favor of property rather than people?

I have been seriously betrayed by a man I lived with for many years. We signed an agreement 15 years ago that we would share ownership of a large apartment in Paris. which he purchased and I furnished. I’ve been living there, and maintaining the place for the past ten years; he has basically stayed in his home on the Côte d’Azur, coming to Paris from time to time.

Now, he has succeeded through a lengthy court action to seize ownership and evict me. He has trashed our contract (drawn up by a lawyer), and so has the court. He does not want to live in the apartment — he is going to sell it and quadruple his original investment. I get nothing.

Clearly, I am not asking for sympathy — I am getting that from my children and my friends. But I am asking how one deals with overwhelming betrayal, and a legal system that defends the betrayer. It is a crushing example of evil, on both a personal and cultural level.

I am sure you would not give the Christian answer of turning the other cheek, nor the Eastern answer of karma. In fact, I don’t recall that you ever addressed the question of malevolence in the world and in people….please do!