Book of Secrets

Thank you for “ The Book of Secrets” Or should I thank the universe for creating the book in the “off position” for me to experience in the “on”. I do however have a few questions that plague me. I hope you consider these questions and don’t think I am “nitpicking.
”When we praise people are we not essentially nurturing their ego?
Should we nurture the ego or should we try to minimize it in others too.

If spirituality forms in us as naturally as a child grows then why do we need to consciously try to develop it?

Should we be still and have faith that the universe will provide all that we need and want, or should we use drive, passion and action to obtain these things vigorously? What I’m asking is should we be still or should we get going?

If we have created each other in our imaginations did I create you or did you create me and what really exists? You speak of the digestive system as an intelligent system whose cells communicate with each other but you also have said many times that this is all an illusion.
Are the people I love dearly an illusion that I have created …my daughter an illusion a manifestation of my imagination?

Reality is infinite yes? Balance is also an infinite idea. Then unreality must be as eternal and ever present as reality if so can we really break free of the realm of unreality. “If every day was a sunny day then what the heck would be a sunny day?” .

And finally I cannot seem to get my head around existing as a separate entity but also existing as a cosmic collective or unified intelligence. If we shed the ego do we exist at all as an individual? If the universe thinks through me then who am I?