Career Decisions

I am a 28 year old lady , managing my family owned fabrics showroom along with my brother. I have always excelled at academics and work, besides that I am a sensitive and a bit idealistic by nature. I am now thinking of getting into a separate and independent career , and one of the options that interests me is that of an Image Consultant, wherein I would be advising and guiding people to improve their way of dressing , style etc. Though I personally have a great sense of style , but being a sensitive person, I have always consciously avoided use of leather and anything that is insensitive to animals. Now I am in a confusion regarding how I would advise people on appropriate shoes , belts etc for them , since these are generally made of leather only, and I don’t want to be insensitive to animals by suggesting their use to clients. Because of this confusion I am unable to take a decision. Should I choose a different career or what should I do please help me decide? My other interests are yoga, naturopathy, teaching English etc .