Career Doubts and Uncertainty

I quit my job on 08.08.08 to start my own business. I did not realize that the economy would change and so business has been extremely hard. I am a creative person and I did love my prior position, but just felt unfulfilled because I felt it was time to learn something new. So now I am learning aa lot of new things but I sometimes wonder if I made a mistake since I have almost lost my home over this decision.

I thought that I would feel fulfilled or have a direction by now, but instead I have been struggling financially  and feel doubt and uncertainty about my direction /future. I thought after a year and a half of being patient…. that a new clarity/direction would eventually come to me.  I just do not have that clarity of purpose. Instead I feel as if I am still in fog. I guess I felt I would have a stronger position or a stronger destiny. I was thinking I had a higher purpose, but instead I just seem to be in a waiting area.

I need to feel passion for what I do for a living or I just do not have the motivation. But if I feel this passion, nothing can stop me.

What do you suggest to people who need clarity and to locate their higher purpose or destiny. At 42, I need to get on with it!!!