Changing Perspectives

If what I see and experience is a reflection of my inner world then how can I begin to change it?  If I must take responsibility for all that I see and experience there is something not quite right somewhere otherwise why would I continue to experience, struggle, pain, frustration?  Despite an aching compassion for all living things, despite a need for authenticity and truth, despite an empathy to the feelings of others, and ability to give counsel to others, despite the profound appreciation of beauty in all its forms, despite a nurturing, caring disposition, despite all I give, the world I see and experience is one of betrayal, anxiety, lack, disappointment sometimes even hopelessness.  How do I understand the spiritual organizing power of my inner nature? Because I’m not making a good job of it!  In a recent Feng Shui consultation I was told I was truly blessed, but I do not feel it or see it.  I sense the silent witness in me and sometimes I feel of this world but not part of it, detached as if I were on the outside looking in.  There is so much I would change in the world but feel helpless to.  I cannot find my true self, I do not know what my true purpose is and I listen so carefully for clues.   I know I am creative and visionary but do not know how to harness these traits.   I am loved but never feel loved and my relationships are doomed by my insecurities and inability to trust.  The coincidences that occur are many but usually leave me cold not hopeful or inspired. There have been very few opportunities and when I gotten closer to them, they are not opportunities at all! I have asked for a teacher to show up to help me along my way but none has shown up.  With so much to give why does the universe work against me?  I understand the forces that shape coincidences but  I don’t understand why I do not experience more helpful opportunities.  I can manifest the unmanifest almost too easily but usually only the things I fear. I do not think  that I am unworthy of success or happiness.  Passion, desire, determination are slowly being eroded.  I am looking for answers all the time.  I need help and guidance Deepak, I need a miracle to give me a helping hand, what must I give my attention to shift the patterns of the mundane and ordinary in my life and direct me toward success and happiness without losing another moment and give my mind some peace?  I have read most of your books and your words profoundly resonate.  I hope this somehow catches your eye.  With love and gratitude. 🙂 x