Confused with Life Changes

I am very confused and disoriented about how my life is unfolding. I have always been a very Strong and Balanced before even though I had lots of hurdles and problems in life. But recently there have been a lot of Changes in my emotional relationships and I am unable to cope with the Change. The Change has also made me reflect on my life and its priorities. Like I have a young Daughter, 6 years old, My husband who is going through a lot of struggling phase in his Life with all his relationships and Career (which also includes me) and my job (which currently is our only support) that too is not emotionally satisfying and stable…..
I have never been materialistic and I never regard money in achievements and success so even though my job is the sole source of our family support I have to force myself to continue it even though I don’t relish it emotionally and spiritually……….I have a strong urge to change my field and be of more use to the society and the world and community….how do I balance my spiritual need in the current situation. Please Help me.