Dealing with Rejection

I was a teacher for a Business school and proposed to my own student by SMS (text message), but all I got was rejection. I took it positively and never disturbed my student for not accepting my proposal.
Despite my honesty, I was asked to move out of college as my own student betrayed( she behaved calm after i proposed and we never talked each other till my blast day at college) me by informing my college management. They didn’t gave me single chance to justify and with weakened heart i moved out of the college.

She was good student and i used to motivate all my students to reach there eexcellency and bring changes around them, i was taken by surprise at how she betrayed me ( her parents might have complained about me) but she didn’t keep me in loop. When I heard this news from management I felt like I was falling. It’s been 20 days and I never asked her for an explanation of her betrayal and I kept praying for divine intervention. Since then I came back home and have stayed with my mother. I got placed in another Business school in my native city. I am still in a lot of pain.

I am asking your guidance as Should I go and talk to them ( the girl)? Should I express my pain and sorrow? Should i curse her or should I spare her?