Developing Timelessness

Slowly but surely, I am realizing in a gradual manner that anytime I take action from a timeless state of mind or being (meaning without the worry of finishing it by a certain time) my actions have a peculiar power and bring me peace, joy, security and a sense of ultimate relaxation.
But anytime I am chasing a target or a goal that has a deadline or limited time to finish, I find myself really anxious, worried, fearful and stressed out (I can even feel the anxiety in form of various muscle groups clenching in my body). Now, I would love to use my timeless state of presence for all actions, but this approach backfires on me when I have made commitments to other people and can’t fulfill them on time. And when that happens I make myself feel very bad by judging myself as lazy, worthless etc. etc.
Please help, how can I use time only for practical purposes as much as possible without assigning time limits and deadlines on most goals?? Any books, seminars you recommend will be great.