I have been listening to your audio book “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” for over four years almost every day of my life. I would first like to thank you, as it helped me a lot during tough times. When I was in University (three years ago) I wanted to work in a big corporate firm. I kept getting rejection letters from almost all the corporate giants until I followed the steps outlined in your book and I miraculously got an offer from the biggest international accounting firm. However, after some time I realized that it did not make me happy and I decided to resign two months ago, after two years of internship. I do not regret my decision as I am very happy not to be in that particular work environment but I am very confused as I cannot decide what is it that I want in life. I cannot find my purpose/dharma in life. I tried to meditate but I fail consistently. I need to start work but I feel very scared to go back to another accounting firm as I know this is not right for me.
However, that is all I know and I have limited choice. I always wanted to meet you and ask for your guidance. Please help!