Different Views of God

I know that my belief in myself and GOD that I can achieve anything I want.  My true love lover whom has been with me for 6 years, whom I’ve never argued with (maybe slightly discussed but always ended in laughter) cannot understand that melting as one and belief of the positive with GOD in our minds, can make our life more powerful.  We don’t care about money, but we do help anyone who needs us.  We have nothing but our trust and love of each other and our children and family.  I want him to bond with me, and understand that if you clear your minds, that we would have the power to help others.  He is so kind.  So am I. We both help out others even though we don’t have anything.  But somehow, he does not see the signs of how powerful we could be. If he knew what we are capable of.  I’ve been reading your book ” HOW TO KNOW GOD”  and it takes me some time to absorb your thoughts.  But they feel right, and I believe that I am on the same track you are.  Every word is significant.  I don’t go to church (use to) but I believe in praying to HIMSELF myself. And I do every day.  Please give me some suggestions to help my kind man understand how important it is to be one and believe.