Doubling the Ladies

I proposed to a lady and it took her six months to say yes. However, after a month of her saying yes, she aborted the relationship following a misunderstanding. It took me a month of pleading with her to reverse what she had just decided. It did not work, so I was forced to accept her feeling. A few days later, I got involved with another lady – whom I did not know much about – and things moved very fast. Relations knew about our involvement. When I thought I was healing my wounds from the first affair, the lady who dumped me came back saying she wanted us to go all the way into marriage. After some days of her persistence, I bowed down and my love was rekindled.

 I have doubled the ladies for a month now. Both of them know of my situation. However, I want to go on with the former, meaning I dump the latter. Considering that we have done so much with the latter before the former came back, how can I move on without leaving the latter disappointed?