Enlightenment and Rebirth

My question is about the Astral and Causal planes. Some people believe that when you die you automatically become enlightened – or should I say you are back to being pure consciousness immediately after death, until reincarnation. Others believe that just because you die, doesn’t mean to say you have become awakened – they believe you go to the Astral plane where you gain more understanding of your last life, and stay there until your next incarnation into the physical. They believe that if you don’t awaken during your Earth lives (however many you get) then you have to go through all your Astral life times, and if you don’t fully awaken during those lives, then it’s on to the Casual lives where finally you achieve enlightenment… Or if you do achieve it here in the physical, then you can bypass all the other planes/dimensions of existence and live as your essential nature – be pure consciousness. So my question is even if we don’t awaken during this life does death awaken us, and we remain awake until our next life, or are there other levels of existence before enlightenment and after the physical? – assuming you remain unenlightened during your physical life times and can’t see the illusion of time and space?