Eternal Love in the Astral Worlds

If after death we go into the astral world…can we see other astral beings? Our loved ones? Can we communicate with them? If yes then how?. If I love someone with all my heart and she feels the same…will I meet her in next birth or astral world? Because if my love has passed the test of time (If I still love her at 90 yrs of age)…is there really a separation after death? Or just renew of body and you meet him/her again? is it wrong to love someone and maybe have a moha maya(delusion) for her…Is it bad to intend or try to live with her or in astral world or in next birth?..Because I don’t have any wish to come out of life and death or anything like it…so can I do it consciously I mean me and her together if we both agree..? Please answer these questions, they have been bothering my mind for so long.