Finding Your Purpose

I have just recently finished reading your book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success“. I found it amazing and could not put it down till I reached the last page. I am very keen to put into practice the seven laws of success and as suggested by you, in the initial stages, one law for each day of the week till all the 7 laws become an inalienable and inseparable part of me. However, I have one difficulty with the law for Saturday. I don’t know what my unique talent is. I have finished my Ph.D. but of late have lost interest in my job, science, research – everything in short. So this puts me in a dilemma – how can I discover what my unique talent is which I can put to use to serve humanity. I am very anxious to hear about how I can discover this talent in myself. I truly want to change myself and find happiness, peace within myself, success and plenty.