Following the Call to Change in Marriage

Deepak, I have been on a soul searching mission since 1987. I’ve read tons of books, many of yours. I have grown much, however I am at a stumbling block again. The kids are grown but now my husband and I are having problems. I would like to start a life anew, and yet I feel he wants to grow old and die. I can tell the stress of this is affecting me physically. Some mornings I have a stiff neck before he leaves for work, or my stomach churns, I can just feel the strain in my lower back when we are discussing something. I am naturally very happy and see the humor in life and really try and spread my love to everyone, but this doesn’t make me happy and I’m beginning to think it’s not making me very healthy. Who’s happiness do I concern myself with if he claims he’s happy with me the way things are right now without changing anything? This whole thing makes me sad because there was a time I thought we would be together forever and now I feel like I just want to run. I very much value your opinion so any advice would mean the world.