Frustration as a Supervisor

I am a nurse in a supervisory position. The Doctors, including the Medical Director, the patients, and their families repeatedly express to me their appreciation of my work and care. I love this interaction. They refer to me as the quiet one who always gives a lot of her time. The other nurses and patient care aides make it very well known, that they do not appreciate my existence in the world. I do have high work ethics and expect them to spend their time caring for patients verses gossiping or talking about drunken parties. When I request them to complete patient care, they react as if I have insulted them. I have tried different approaches. They act as if I have the plague. They act like they do not want to be bothered by work. Sometimes they tell me things are completed, when in fact they are not. I have discussed this with administration with no change. I am to the point (again) where I dread going to work. These same issues, were the reasons I left a great paying job and accepted this job. I am a single mother of a college student and a second grader. I must work, of course. How can I make a change? Should I make a change? I am feeling very unhappy, and feeling very weak for feeling unhappy. I love, and am grateful for the time I spend with my children. I feel a “black cloud” as Monday morning approaches. I pray about this. What am I not hearing?