Getting Back in Balance

I have been reading your words of wisdom and have used your works to help create balance in my life but i still feel that I have a big hurdle to overcome. The journey of my life began in former Yugoslavia and from there i arrived to the US in 1997 as a refugee with my family. Since then i have been an independent person, having to assume an adult role at an early age (11) . I have had recent suppressors in my life including betrayal by very close friends, a stressful medical/PA curriculum with numerous travel and new jobs across the US and a recent diagnosis of my two oldest brothers with pulmonary fibrosis. I feel that this chronic stress has made it difficult for me to find balance in my life. Before all these events i was a resilient person who adapted well to change . But now I feel fearful, anxious and insecure. Any suggestions on how to get my life back on track?