Getting Recognition

Taking the 21-day meditation challenge inspired me to read the Bhagavad Gita and the Dhammapada. I am trying to make the teachings practical so I can apply them in my daily life. Here is an example from my wife that will illustrate the dilemma between the teachings and daily life.

My wife has shared with me her frustration with helping colleagues at work on their projects but not getting any recognition for her help in front of senior decision makers. She helps them create the program, solves problems and then they fail to acknowledge any of her support. I understand that her ego drives the need for recognition and her lack of desire to continue to help people that do not recognize her help. Her actions and their actions put her in a less favorable position to get raises, promotions, bonus, etc. that we need to support our kids and pay for college.
How do I reconcile the laws of Karma with and my desire to integrate selfless action into my daily work when dealing with people who seem to have different motivations? Do I help without regard to the implications for me even if it may be a disadvantage for me to do so?